Let's Learn Time - One of the most interactive iBooks!

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    Learning Time is an engaging and interactive textbook for iPad, which uses the capabilities of the latest iBooks 2 platform. The textbook contain nine chapters which progressively teach time, beginning from understanding clocks to elapsed time. The chapters are replete with beautiful graphics, voice for telling time and animated examples that make learning time fun for kids. Every chapter is appended with extra examples and an assessment section to reinforce the concepts learnt.


    ★ Educational
    ● Animated examples and bright colorful graphics
    ● Different clocks read out time
    ● Learn to read from both digital and analog clocks
    ● Teaches time from the basic to more advanced topics

    ★ Table of Contents:
    1. The clocks
    2. The analog clock
    3. Time to the hour
    4. Half hour
    5. Quarter hour
    6. Time to five minutes
    7. Time to the minute
    8. AM and PM
    9. Elapsed time

    ★ Easy to Use
    ● Beautiful, easy to read graphics and clocks
    ● Drag clock hands to set time like a real clock

    ★ Extra Examples Section
    ● Endless number of dynamically generated examples at chapter end
    ● Interactive examples make learning fun

    ★ Chapter Review Section
    ● Interactive assessment problems at the end of every chapter
    ● Unlimited fresh problems every time your visit the section
    ● Problems reinforce the concepts taught in the chapter
    ● Double-clock math problems
    ● AM / PM time problems


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