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    Couldn’t find a thread about this so thought I’d start one! J

    Great game if anyone is wondering, obviously a lot simpler than the likes of Tiger Woods on PS3 or whatnot (and also a pretty blatant ripoff of Everybody Golf, but hey), but still good fun with a decent amount of depth.

    Regarding the hidden gold medals in the levels, I believe they are as follows:

    England in holes 7, 12, 14
    Greenland in holes 1,8,18
    Kenya in holes 7, 10, 15
    Germany in holes 8, 15, 17
    Greece in holes 2, 6 or 7, 18
    Mexico 4, 6, 9

    I read on another forum that to unlock the secret 9th character you do the following:

    If you want to unlock the 9th character, go in “Optionâ€, “Profileâ€, “Edit†and then replace your profile’s name by “Wizzy10″

    Yet when I did that, I got a message about a secret code and an acheievement medal popped up...yet in Career or Freeplay, I don't have a 9th character...any clues there???

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