Leicke MANNA iPad Air 2 Case with CleverStrap review

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    First up, let me say that I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to cases for my iPad. If I have a case that is a little bit lacking in one area, I will keep seeking out an alternative that improves on it. I'm also a huge fan of the leather folio type of case and the MANNA iPad Air 2 case with CleverStrap falls into that category.

    You can tell very quickly the difference between the cheaper cases and a case from a quality manufacturer and the MANNA definitely falls into the latter category. Straight out of the packaging, this case exudes a class that cheaper cases just cannot emulate. While faux leather is used, it feels luxurious to the touch; supple yet still firm and with no visual flaws, this seems very well crafted. I actually had to double check the web site that this was faux leather as it looks and feels that good.

    The iPad line are known for being slim devices and the MANNA case thankfully doesn't add much in the way of bulk to your device - it fits perfectly and doesn't have any extraneous padding. This particular model is available in black or brown, the latter is what I opted for this model. I normally go for black but the brown seems to give this case more identity and sets it apart from the many other cases available for the iPad.

    The case is very well constructed with immaculate stitching and a sturdy feel. The holes for the camera & microphone line up perfectly while the top and sides have an open, recessed design given access to all other areas of the iPad.
    On the inside, the case is lined by a soft suede-like material that ensures your iPad is well looked after and it is held in place by faux leather bound clips in the corners as well as the top and bottom nearer the centre. These ensure the iPad is held securely in place while still showing off the iPad to its best.

    Being a smart case, the MANNA will wake and sleep the iPad when you open and close the cover and every time too without issue so there are no alignment issues that have plagued other cases in my experience.

    Despite being a reasonably slim case, the level of protection on offer is quite high and the exposed areas of the iPad are all recessed safely out of harms way. For me it strikes the right balance between looks and protection and the best form of protection for your device is still quite simply being careful.

    As a break from the norm for these folio type cases, the rear of the case folds in half which allows you to angle the iPad in landscape orientation and rest securely on the inside of the front cover as a base. This lets you use the case as a stand from a choice of three angles so you can pick one more suitable for typing or with a higher elevation for viewing content such as movies.

    The additional feature of this case is the CleverStrap component which is an elasticated strap with hook and loop fastening that is folded away inside the front cover. You can use this as a hand strap for one handed use, strapping to a headrest for use in the rear of a car or any other way you can think off. The strap is secure in use and an additional thinner elastic strap can be used to secure the case open if required.

    It seems that reviewing an iPad case would be a very straight forward thing but so many manufacturers get key elements wrong. This is my first experience of Leicke and I'm happy to report that they have crafted a very fine case in the MANNA that seems to tick all the boxes. It is very practical and everything about this case works as you would expect. After this, it all comes down to personal taste and I genuinely hold this case with high affection. It looks classy, is well constructed and is a great place for your iPad to live. The stand is both practical and rock solid in use and the built in strap is a unique and genuinely useful addition.

    More info at http://www.leicke.eu/en/products/MN60148

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