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    Download the app: http://bit.ly/ZtaisP

    One of recommended educational apps selected by bestappsforkids.org.

    For unlock version app, please check

    Is it EASY to learn CHINESE? YES, "12 Animals of Chinese Year Plus" is a fun app designed to help people to speak, listen, and read Chinese words of animals. There are more Chinese words and sentences you can learn by playing games.

    This is a Chinese and English app, multiple languages support is for About app, Upgrade, and some functional messages. Audio languages are Chinese and English.
    " 12 Animals of Chinese Year Plus" teaches the words of "12 Chinese Zodiac". It contains BOOK, MUSIC, GAME, and INFORMATION buttons for you to choose.

    BOOK- it has both Chinese characters and pronunciation to help you read and speak each animal in Chinese.
    MUSIC- a Song and a short Rap represent the animals in Chinese words only.

    GAME- it has Practice, Match game, Memory game, and Tower game. You can earn 50 points when you pass each game.

    Each 250 points will earn a prize including a bonus Chinese word/sentence that will be saved in app Library.
    The free version app - GAME has Practice and 3 level one games. Higher level games can also be purchased in the app

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    Thanks for this but which Chinese language does it teach?

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