Leaked Document Reveals Apple is Looking into New iPad’s Wi-Fi Issues

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Apr 5, 2012.

By Maura on Apr 5, 2012 at 1:06 PM
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    9to5 Mac reports that Apple is currently investing customer complaints regarding Wi-Fi problems with the new iPad. The information comes via a leaked confidential internal AppleCare document, which refers to an “Issue/Investigation In Progressâ€. After the Wi-Fi issues that some new iPad users have been experiencing were brought to light the other day, it now seems that Apple has acknowledged the problem, which is affecting some of the new iPads, and which includes connection drops, slow download and upload speeds, and failure to pick up local Wi-Fi networks. The leaked document tells AppleCare employees to make sure that the faulty iPads are suffering from hardware problems and not just experiencing software bugs before replacing them. The report says that the only iPads affected by the issues are the Wi-Fi only versions. The document also refers to AppleCare employees “captureâ€ing returned iPads that are showing signs of a hardware Wi-Fi problem, so that they can then be returned to Apple’s engineers for further examination. From what I’ve been reading on the forums here, most people who have had their new iPad replaced have found that the replacement iPad’s Wi-Fi works perfectly, so it looks like Apple just got a bad batch.

    Source: Apple investigating new iPad WiFi issues, tells AppleCare to replace affected units | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Apr 5, 2012.

    1. h1611161
    2. cainfinn
      Newbie here hello
      I have wi fi only pad 2 I have these issues on my new pad. What to do?
    3. zphone
      I think I am seeing that with some routers in my area. Looks like mainly a problem with signals in the less than 80 dBm range. On my iPhone wifi analyzer I can see about 20 signals but both iPad and iPhone do not list more than 3-5 for connecting to. Though to be fair the iPad generally lists more than my iPhone 4. And both prefer wap2 over other signals.

      I think this partially be attributed to software. Since I have a linksys 4200 that tends to overpower everything in the area I am likely not seeing the drop-offs that others are seeing because of that.
    4. RandyM
      This answers my question before I posted it. I can connect to WiFi sites with my iphone 4S at any range from the site but unless im faily close to the site my iPad won't connect. Should I wait and hope for a software patch or exchange my ipad for another?
    5. zphone
      If you have a lot of wifi signals in your area there is not a lot you can do except buy a stronger router for yourself. Until Apple fixed the software to track signals more intelligently I don't believe many people will benefit from exchanging their devices except those with truly defective ones.

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