Leaked Code Shows Off Upcoming iOS 8 Split-Screen Multi-tasking Feature

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    A developer named Steven Troughton-Smith recently used leaked code from iOS 8 to craft the video we have included with this story. The code is meant to enable split-screen multi-tasking for the iPad with iOS 8, and although we don't have an actual version of that software, Troughton-Smith whipped the code into this demo to show off the upcoming feature.

    Here's a quote with more of the details,

    The software feature is run in a simulator on a Mac, which explains the “mouse cursor and painfully awkward two-finger swipe gestures,” and shows how the Safari browser app can be resized to take up 1/3, 1/2 or 3/4 of the screen.

    However, the interesting part of this particular iOS feature is not yet revealed, and that is running a second app alongside with the resized one. Thus, the video doesn’t show how the user would switch between apps, and how Apple imagined moving back and forth between apps active on the screen.

    Supposedly, Apple did not have time to finish the feature in time for WWDC, but split-screen multitasking may come to iOS 8 devices later down the road.

    The feature is expected to be available to iPad Air initially, with support for iPad mini and the bigger iPhone 6 models expected to arrive in the future.

    We are crossing our fingers that this exquisite new feature shows up in an iPad very soon! It's also exciting to hear that it could come to the iPhone eventually!

    Source: BGR via iPhoneForums.net
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