Lawsuit Claims that AT&T Overbills iPad and iPhone Customers for Data

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    MacRumors reports today that according to a story on Courthouse News Service, a class action lawsuit has been filed against AT&T for alleged overbilling of customers for data transferred to the iPad and iPhone. The lawsuit says that a consulting firm acting on behalf of the plaintiff found during a two-month study that AT&T had been overstating data usage by 7-14 percent, and in some cases by 300 percent above the amount of data that had actually been transferred. In PC World’s report on the same story, Tony Bradley ventures that multitasking might be responsible for the data issues, with apps possibly downloading data in the background with the user none the wiser. Bradley says that he had noticed a massive spike in his AT&T data usage which appeared to coincide with the introduction of multitasking, and that once he started manually closing all the open apps in the multitasking bar, his data usage problems disappeared. Pays to keep an eye on what’s open in that multitasking bar if you’re experiencing similar spikes in data usage.

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