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    Launch Celebration! Limited offer at US$0.99 ! (Original price at US$2.99):)


    You need access! The perfect tool for internet remote file access & WiFi file transfer!

    Have you ever gotten in troubles about moving your PC files to your iPad? Are you still using the annoying USB wire to transfer file? PC has more than 100GB data; imagine how you can put the huge data into your 16GB or 32GB iPad. Not enough space?

    Instantly remote access your PC files via UniQXcess, amplify your iPad storage! Unlimited.

    Key Features:
    [FONT=&#23435]★[/FONT] Secure remote file access [FONT=&#23435]★[/FONT]
    * Peer to peer connection for fast and secure data access.
    * Share the whole data disk. That’s more than 100 GB file storage to view anywhere!
    * Supports inter-device and multi-device connections. You can access your home PC or office notebook at the same time to view data on your iPad!
    * Supports offline access. Just download & save your data for future access when you are offline.
    * We don’t store your data on the cloud and all files are AES encrypted, so there is no risk for any privacy leakage.

    [FONT=&#23435]★[/FONT] IT Friendly [FONT=&#23435]★[/FONT]
    * UniQXcess is the world’s first remote access tool that doesn’t require complicated network settings. We do it all for you!
    * Auto network handshaking across different networks, including LAN, WiFi and 3G.
    * No IP & firewall setup is required; just sign-in for instant access.

    [FONT=&#23435]★[/FONT] Easy Search & Share [FONT=&#23435]★[/FONT]
    * Search for your files instantly by name, date or type.
    * Find your files easily from your shared folders or even your hard disk.
    * Share your remote files via e-mail.
    * Conduct further actions with open-in app support like editing your PowerPoint, excel or printing your document.

    [FONT=&#23435]★[/FONT] Cross Platform Support [FONT=&#23435]★[/FONT]
    * Interface design and usability are optimized for iPad & Android tablet users.
    * Supports Windows 7, Windows Vista & Windows XP enabled PCs.

    [FONT=&#23435]★[/FONT] Supported File Type [FONT=&#23435]★[/FONT]
    MS Office (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx), PDF, Text files, Web files (html), Image files (jpg, bmp, png, gif), Zip files

    For more information, please visit LiniQue - Make Your Life Easier


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