Klone: Push notifications for Android /iOS Phone

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    Klone: Push notifications for Phone
    By AlertStocks


    Get Android /iOS Notifications on your iPad/iPhone(Calls, WhatsApp, Messages)

    This application will forward ALL the notifications your receive on your phone to your iOS Device.

    Do you use a Android and Apple iOS Device?

    Want to not miss your phone calls and important messages?Prefer to leave your phone charging while you are using your iPad?

    Want to leave your work phone at home on weekends?

    *This app requires a paired iOS Device to work.

    *Thisapp requires Internet connection on both your Android and iOS Devicefor notifications alerts to work. It does not use Bluetooth.

    * This app requires Accessibility permissions to work. Please enable in your settings.If you have trouble getting this to work, please refer to our website.

    We do not store your data on our server.Once the notification is sent to your iOS device, We delete the notification.

    Detailed Features:

    + Get Important Notifications: Choose from a list of apps to determine what notifications get mirrored to your iPad

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Download on Google play:

    Download on iTunes:

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