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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Mar 22, 2010.

By iDan on Mar 22, 2010 at 5:47 AM
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    Less then two weeks to launch date and Amazon has released the first glimpse of the new Kindle App for the iPad. According to Engaget:

    {Source: Engadget}


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Mar 22, 2010.

    1. iDan
      Here are a few more pics:


    2. GarynDallass
      I got the Kindle for my Imac over the weekend. On my Imac, I didn't like it because it won't do both pages on the same page. I do hope it is like the pic above when I get my IPad. I downloaded the ereader for Barnes and Nobles. Already read one book and started the second one. I really want to use my Ipad to read books.
    3. Gremlin
      Smart move by Amazon. The Kindle looked like an old Soviet Vacuum Cleaner compared to the iPad, but their book App looks slick. Competition is good for the consumer. With Amazon, Barnse & Noble and Apple having competing books stores, we are going to be the winner.
    4. Sonny Burnett
      Sonny Burnett
      Does this mean that Amazon is throwing in the towel on their hardware?
    5. gentlefury
      That would be the most profitable decision for them...all profit no overhead. Remember Amazon is a retailer, not a gadget company. They were about to start handing out kindles for free to prime members. Makes more sense to make an app.
    6. Finnedog
      You would think that Amazon would move quickly to get more Kindles out there, some of these people just want to read books and the Kindle may be the best thing for them and that would lock them into Amazon.
    7. gentlefury
      also based on those pictures there I would say it looks like you can go to kindle or B&N bookstore to buy your books but it looks like you will have a common bookshelf to read them, since the reader app looks identical to the iBook reader app. If this is the case that would be great! If you can't find it in one store go to the next and so on, you can comparison shop, but the end result will be identical. That way they can all come up with ways to entice customers like video and motion graphics in book.
    8. DavidNM
      This is good news - I bought a Kindle over Christmas and it's been very useful - but this new interface looks sweet!

      I didn't see any mention in the article as to how the connection would work - especially with the 3G models since the wireless on the Kindle is free - but uses Sprint.
    9. rob the elder
      rob the elder

      I have been living with my Kindle2 for months and love it. The portability and similarity to a printed page are big plusses for me.

      Try laying in bed and holding an IPAD in one hand while reading at night. I dont think it will work for a lot of us.

      The IPAD has a lot going for it but being the perfect book reader for all occasions is not one for me. I will use both but for different purposes.

      I can already access my library on my IPHONE for when I am waiting to see the doctor or what ever.

      I just dont see the IPAD being a truely portable device. Hell I already had to replace the screen on my IPHONE once and it fits in my pocket.

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