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    Hi. I have an iPad4 with Retina Display. I want to have a keyboard so that I can type documents and use it for as many functions as possible. In short, I wanna replace my laptop with the iPad. For that to happen, I need a clam type case. I researched online and found that 2 cases are the most popular ones.

    1) Clamcase Pro: Excellent reviews and very apple kind of feel. Serves my purpose perfectly. 2 issues. One is cost which is significantly higher than other options and the second being that the latest version is about a year old.

    2) New Trent Airbender Pro: It has all the features and is priced lower( less than half) than clamcase. The negative point is that it doesnt look like an apple product( i know its not! but clamcase looks like one!).

    My question is which one? or is there a better option?

    I do not mind the price if one is better than the other.

    Please help me!

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