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    For an Xmas gift I would like to use the Ipad as a Karaoke set up with my family. Does anyone have advice on what to buy and how to set this up. I would love the following:
    2 external mics ( I ordered the camera connection kit so will have one USB port)
    ability to use one or more of the Karaoke Itunes apps in the app store
    Ability to play the sound through speakers. (I have a dual male audio cord that goes from the headset port to an aux input jack)

    I am trying to avoid spending a ton of money and also don't want to get into a situation where I have to buy every song as an in app purchase but can rather bring some of my current Karaoke CDs into itunes and play via the Ipad. Sorry I had originally posted this in the wrong forum.
    Any ideas is very helpful.
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