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    Hi gang!
    Just joined. My wife and I are musicians in SW Florida. Been a HUGE mac fan since my first mac SE (which i still have working great). Have since purchased about 15 mac products including my 8 core mac pro which runs my studio. Thinking about an iPad to put in my rig but there are a couple things it does not do - or I can't find an app for. Maybe someone can help me out.
    I like (and need) the way itunes on a regular computer works. You can set an eq and volume for each song. And you can un-check each song in a playlist so it plays only the song you selected and then it stops until you select another song. I know the current Itunes/ipod for the iPad does not function that way. I know I can work around the playlist thing by having a separate playlist for each song with only that song in it, but the other two problems I have not found a work around for. Is there another app that may work for me? Any help would be appreciated.

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