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Discussion in 'iPad Mini Forum' started by Lunar, Nov 16, 2012.

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    I was very undecided whether to get a iPad mini or not, due to fact we already have 2 iPads, the wife has my old iPad1 64/3g and I've had the iPad3 64/4g since March. However I decided I would find the mini useful due to it's smaller size but intended to just buy the small 16gb or possibly the 32gb version to keep cost down, but most stores are still awaiting more stock so in short supply here, Tesco UK did have the 64gb wifi version so I decided to stump up £429.

    First impressions are good, it looks very well made with no light bleed whatsoever or bad pixels, and it's certainly very light in weight, Only thing is I did'nt really want another 64gb as it more or less replicates my iPad 3 but bit smaller, where a 16gb would have been enough for me on this device, as any films can be watched on the iPad3, but I suppose I could have waited longer...lol. My only reservation is a slight feeling that it looks less value for money when compared to the iPad 3/4 models probably due to it's smaller size.. but very nice unit.
    TBH I suppose like many on here I'm just a mug for the latest toys.:)

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