John Lydon Has Spent £10,000 on iPad Apps!

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    Legendary Sex Pistols front man John Lydon (a.k.a. “Johnny Rotten”) has told the U.K.’s Telegraph newspaper that iPad gaming is one of the few things that he and his wife really like to spend their money on.

    It’s not clear from the article just how Lydon managed to rack up such a huge iOS gaming bill, but presumably it’s from in-app purchases, with the likes of Game of Thrones Ascent selling such pricey items as “625 Gold” for £69.99. Ouch!

    Great to know that the seminal Punk legend is such an avid iOS gamer, but maybe best not to tell him that Telltale has a Game of Thrones episodic gaming series on the way!

    Source: MCVUK

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