Jet Set Willy: ZX Spectrum HD Comes to iPad and iPhone!

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By Maura on Feb 13, 2011 at 8:19 AM
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    Elite Systems has today launched iPad HD and iPhone versions of the classic ZX Spectrum game, Jet Set Willy. The game, created by an 18-year-old British developer, Matthew Smith, first appeared on the 8-bit computer in 1984. Although this is a standalone version of the game, it will in future be available as an in-app purchase from the ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection HD app, along with five other ZX Spectrum games. Jet Set Willy HD is a 100 percent faithfully reproduced version of the original game written by Matthew Smith in 1984, and has been made by Elite using its ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection HD technology. It features both portrait and landscape play/display modes, auto save when you exit the game, that familiar authentic Spectrum sound, and an “iDaptive†control system, which is user-definable depending on the game. A separate “infinite-lives†version of the game is also included.

    Elite says that it will soon be providing support for TV-out on iPad, iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod touch for its ZX Spectrum iOS games, via a separately sold Apple TV-Out Component Cable or Apple VGA Adaptor.

    If you’re feeling nostalgic, click here to download the game for $1.99/ £1.19 : Jet Set Willy: ZX Spectrum HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Source: Elite Systems Group, iTunes


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Feb 13, 2011.

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