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Discussion in 'iPad Hacking' started by superhoops, Jan 11, 2014.

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    Hi. I am finding it practically impossible to move icons from one page to another as it is so jerky. The icon ends up on an adjacent page. I guess it must be one of the tweaks but not sure which one. Any one else experiencing this???
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    IMO, it's always been a pain to move icons. Cause I usually end up overshooting the page I want just as you describe. And this was on a stock iPad, not [just] a jail broken one. Grr...

    If you wish to see if it's one of your tweaks that might be interfering, go ahead and list them and maybe we can find one that's causing your issue. However and again, I think it's a "feature" of the iPad/iOS.


    Jailbreaking does provide an issue. There is a free tweak called "MultiiconMover" that allows you to select icons to move without having to hold them against the side of a page. You put the icons into wiggle mode, select them (you'll see a red check) and then you swipe to an empty page, press the Home button and tada! There they are. Very handy tweak.

    And, today, the developer of this tweak released a paid version of this tweak: MultiiconMover+ ($.99, USD). This tweak not only moves icons from one springboard page to another but into/out of/within folders. How cool is that?! You probably can tell I've bought it... :)


    That should solve your moving icons issue, in a neat way. Just the free version made my life much easier. But, again, if you wish, we can still look at your tweaks to see what may be interfering...


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