JamStik is a Miniature Wireless Electric Guitar Accessory for iPad and iPhone

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    There are plenty of ingenious iOS accessories on the market and this year’s edition of the Consumer Electronics Show from Las Vegas has brought some more for iPhone and iPad users. If you want to learn and practice guitar on the go or if you already have a guitar but you think it is too heavy to carry around, then you need to check out JamStik.

    Aimed at iPhone, iPad and even Mac users, JamStik is a wireless accessory that represents a small electric guitar that you can easily take anywhere you go. Albeit it is small, the JamStik will cost $299.99 when it gets commercially launched in March. There are no wires between the JamStick and the pairing device as it uses infrared and piezo sensors to detect fretting, strumming and picking. Lester Victor Marks from AppleInsider had the chance to play with the device at CES and here’s what he said:

    JamStik will work with the JamMix and JamTutor applications that will provide users with guitar lessons and a “Guitar Hero†style learning mode. JamStik will measure just 15 inches and will have a rechargeable battery. No tuning of the strings will be required and the miniature electric guitar will also have a D-Pad virtual capo for octave switching. Would you be interested in such a device?

    Source: iPhoneforums, AppleInsider

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