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    Hi Forum,
    Aside from iOS6 being available in September, there is something else all of us iPad users can look forward to.

    30 nights of live concerts, being performed in jolly old London, England.
    There will be 60 acts performing throughout this years daily events.

    You can download the app from the Apple App Store for free.
    Just look for iTunes Festival London 2012

    I hope many, if not all of you, will take full advantage of this month long fun time. Particularly anyone and everyone who loves live concerts.

    (Boy oh Boy, I miss the Sunday concerts!!) Hopefully Mark Cuban's new AXS tv channel will be available from here in Edmonton soon.
    As it's owned by Rogers in Canada.

    (Oops, too bad we can't edit spelling errors in thread titles...
    Can a moderator please correct this for me?)


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