Issues with iPad 3/4G+WiFi version owner worldwide!

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    Issues with new iPad 3/4G WiFi cellular data not connected, worldwide!

    Currently there's a serious 3G cellular data connection problem in the new iPad 3/4G WiFi. I've strongly believed there's a bug in iOS 5.1 or Qualcomm radio chipset & it driver having bug for the new iPad.

    Since Day 1 03/16 new iPad launch day, the day I've purchased my new iPad 32GB + 3/4G + WiFi, it has been plaguing with 3G cellular data not connected, no activated problem. A daily of 3~5 power cycles was needed in order to get the 3G data working again. All fixes like below from many sides was just help to fix the problem temporary. The fixes like,

    1. Reset all settings, useless & only temp fix.
    2. Erase all contents and settings, useless & only temp fix.
    3. Reset network setting, useless & only temp fix.
    4. ISP replaced a complete SIM card, useless & only temp fix.
    5. ISP reset iPad celllular data line in their network system, useless & only temp fix.
    6. Single iPad sim or multi-sim line, same headache.
    7. Apple swapped for 1 new (refurbished?) unit, stil the same problem.

    Hopefully Apple next iOS 5.2 release really solve this big problem for all the users, worldwide. Until then, my advice to all potential new iPad owner especially most of the countries still using 3G network, to be seriously take this issue into consideration before forking out your money. I am not speculating this big problem. There's already plenty of users who are suffering this issue since the new iPad Day-1 Launch 03/16 across many country, worldwide.

    All bro & sis who're suffering cellular data not connected problem, please help to stand forward, do not be afraid and start pouring in your status in this sequence, Victim's name, ISP/Network, Conutry. Many thanks first!

    All listed in "Victim's name, ISP/Network, Conutry" sequece :

    Victims from my thread (before post deleted by Apple Support Communities host),
    "Issues with new iPad 3/4G WiFi cellular data not connected, worldwide!"Link,
    01. NewForce, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    02. Kenny Go, M1 3G, Singapore?
    03. 170790, T-Mobile, Austria
    04. Red Tees, Verizon 3/4G, Wisconsin USA
    05. guhans, Telstra, Australia
    06. gene_wellborn Singtel 3G, Singapore
    07. zephyrhatz, 3/4G, Western USA
    08. musicsound, O2 + Vodafine 3G, Germany
    09. RyanL77, ?, ?
    10. RonniePf, ? 3G, Switzerland
    11. sir_kw, Rogers LTE, Canada
    12. CalvinBaank, 2-3g + 1-non 3g = 3 providers, Suriname Sounth America
    13. daniregg, ? 3G, Italy
    14. Silmarie Rodriguez, Verizon 3/4G, Wisconsin USA
    15. AgentMax81, Telekom 3G, Germany
    16. WalfgS, Telekom 3G, Germany
    17. FunnyPaul, Telekom 3G, Germany
    18. -Hotti-, Telekom 3G, Germany
    19. Vitalic66, Telekom 3G, Germany
    20. Alterbandit, Telekom 3G, Germany
    21. tim2002, Telekom 3G, Germany
    22. Koibag, T-Mobile 3G, UK
    23. Mibra, T-Mobile 3G, Stuttgart Germany
    24. berndfromstuttgart, T-Mobile 3G, Stuttgart Germany
    25. Mastermaik22, T-Mobile 3G, Cologne Germany
    26. jensw, T-Mobile 3G, Mannheim Germany
    27. roland17, O2 3G, Germany
    28. Parasek, Telekom 3G, Germany
    29. Nebumuk, T-Mobile 3G, Stuttgart Germany
    30. addyfromsingapore, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    31. andyskywalker, Telekom 3G, Germany
    32. tom76cgn, Telekom 3G, Deutsche Germany
    33. user1111, Telekom 3G, Germany
    34. Lalafrosch, T-Mobile 3G, Karlsruhe Germany
    35. uslex, T-Mobile 3G, Dresden Germany
    36. barereitz, AT&T 3/4G, Michigan USA
    37. zavors, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    38. G-S-R, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    39. bra76ndy, T-Mobile, Potsdam Germany
    40. Almata, 1uns1 Vodafone 3G, Bavaria Germany
    41. DerBeginner, Telekom/T-mobile 3G, Germany
    42. BigTKR, Telekom 3G, Germany
    43. Nick Harvey1, T-Mobile 3G, UK
    44. iMarcel74, 1und1 Vodafone, Germany
    45. Quertreiber, Telekom 3G, Frankfurt Germany
    46. nutu1968, Vodafone 3G, Romania
    47. Protolan, Vodafone 3G, Hamburg Germany
    48. BonneSource, T-Mobile 3G, Heidelberg Germany
    49. jok4711, Telekom, Germany
    50. Sharkit, O2 3G, ?
    51. Kidon0, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    52. MartinPL, T-Mobile 3G, Poland
    53. brnbor, AT&T 3/4G, USA
    54. ongmk168, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    55. elliatedm, O2/Proximus 3G, Czech republic/Belgium
    56. iSumi, T-Mobile 3G, Germany
    57. Angry_Lyrad, Orang/T-Mobile 3G, UK
    58. Lesorub, Megafon 3G, Russia

    Victims from this thread, "My iPad 3 says 3G but data stops working"
    01. Antonylewis, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    02. FazerWizm, ?, ?
    03. Burkow, Plus GSM, Europe, Poland
    04. Lewpirate, ?, ?
    05. Torqen, ? 3G, Norway
    06. lando55, T-Mobile/Telekom 3G, Germany
    07. GranvilleDB, ? 3G, ?
    08. Cafesitter, T-Mobile, Slovakia
    09. Bertieuk, giffgaff 3G, UK
    10. pgreen27, Orange 3G, UK

    Victims from this thread, "Cellular reconnectivity issues with 3rd Gen iPad 3G/4G/LTE"
    01. Calistograph, AT&T 4G, Alexandria, Virginia USA
    02. hadtomakeupaname, AT&T 3/4G, Houston, USA
    03. scholarwilliams, AT&T 3/4G, USA
    04. metallica fan, Verizon 3/4G, USA
    05. Dr Phill Fo Sho, AT&T 3/4G, USA
    06. AndrewB7, AT&T 3/4G, USA
    07. Thomas Maletz, ? 3G, Germany
    08. ammkost, Verizon 4G LTE, USA

    Victims from this thread, "The new iPad constantly losing cellular data connnection"
    01. scholarwilliams, AT&T 3/4G, Michigan USA
    02. MLadd, ?, ?
    03. Edward Sopanan, ? 3g, Surabaya Indonesia
    04. BigDaddyQB, Verizon? 3/4G, USA
    05. DColvett, AT&T 3/4G, USA
    06. sebless, AT&T 3/4G, USA
    07. Meli0823, AT&T 3/4G, St Louis MO USA
    08. Lewpirate, Rogers, Canada
    09. Lewpirate mom, Verizon 3/4G, USA
    10. engelray, Eplus, Germany
    11, slaguru, O2/Vodafone/3, UK
    12. CyrilleM, ?, Belgium
    13. Miles Cortez, ?, USA
    14. manoskap, Vodafone 3G, Greece
    15. jdenmead, ?, ?
    16. fsousa, TMN 3G, Portugal
    17. jodyfanning, DNA 3G, Finland
    18. tomton, TIM 3G, Italy
    19. chiefmastafunk,)2 3G, Germany
    20. davidm_uk, O2/GiffGaff 3G, UK
    21. rjpv, Singtel 3G, Singapore

    Victims from this thread,
    Link, Anyone having a problem with iPad 3 and Singtel -
    01. Deavenger, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    02. MoneyWise, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    03. Lucky123, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    04. dreamer_toons, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    05. gardiboy, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    06. numez123, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    07. weehwa, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    08. chins, M1 3G, Singapore
    09. raliart_ray, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    10. keltong, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    11. Nights, M1 3G, Singapore
    12. NightRaven, M1 3G, Singapore
    13. porcu, M1 3G, Singapore
    14. maumu, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    15. uzzikie, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    16. CrossXing, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    17. tankee531, , Singtel 3G, Singapore
    18. citrix, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    19. badsector, M1 3G, Singapore
    20. Lorraine08, Starhub 3G, Singapore
    21. lxlxlxl, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    22., Singtel 3G, Singapore
    23. killashot, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    24. binbon, Singtel 3G?, Singapore
    25. yddang, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    26. tm.chen, Singtel 3G?, Singapore
    27. starch1990, M1 3G, Singapore
    28. khoooktd, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    29. PetPet, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    30. KMJ3943, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    31. parchiao, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    32. alphakid, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    33. Windowlover, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    34. yif3ng, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    35. fozzie3ear, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    36. cisconet, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    37. roylim85, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    38. franguy, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    39. Mercury, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    40. VickyToh, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    41. jorenz, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    42. SNAG, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    43. henryjjl, M1 3G, Singapore
    44. alvino, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    45. psx_999, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    46. JasminBalloons, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    47. *aiBOY friend, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    48. orion_lc, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    49. m00nman26, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    50. kunlky, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    51. chips, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    52. smsmeok, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    53. Conan1986, M1 3G, Singapore
    54. davidktw, M1 3G, Singapore
    55. Noobtopro, M1 3G, Singapore
    56. henryjjl, M1 3G, Singapore
    57. Jack_Chen, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    58. korry, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    59. normantantj, Singtel 3G, Singapore
    60. falseflush,, Singtel 3G, Singapore

    Victims from this German forum thread, "Problems with 3G connection when "new iPad"
    Link, Probleme mit 3g Verbindung beim "new iPad"
    (Over 100 pages, too many victims to be listed here)

    Total = 157, excluding victims, updated on 04/06/2012 10:56am Singapore Time.
    New iPad victims across "4 CONTINENTS" with 3/4G cellular data not connected problem.

    I like thank you all for your strong supports. I am strongly believed if we keep this thread rolling like a snow ball, eventually it will catched Apple Higher Managemment eyeballs. Btw, putting this thread up, I have no mean of anyone in Apple of this problem regards to get his or her head roll.

    Remember we are people who like to use iPad. We just wanted Apple to fix our problem, nothing else.
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    You may want to take your iPad to an apple store and have it exchanged.

    I have noticed a slightly weaker signal reception, (1-2 bars instead of 2-3 bars while indoors. Outside i always get full signal) yet I have not had any cellular failures like you describe.
  3. Lunar

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    Quite a strong powerful posting, message wise, for your very 1st post. ;-)
    I've had no issues at all when using 3G so far, though I believe 3 or 4 other forum members have mentioned problems when using their 3G connection.

    Not sure how many of the other 3.5 million new iPad3 owners have experienced similiar issues. ;-) Though not all will have or be using 3/4G of course. So, based on a handful of users with this problem, and little feedback so far from the other 3 million+ I think it may be a bit premature to begin calling it a 'GLOBAL' issue for everyone.. well it can't be 'ALL' as mine, and my youngest sons new iPad3 would have the same problem.
    So that's 2 I know of that are working unless it's something lurking inside waiting to happen, certainly hope not, though as more and more users get round to using their 3G we may get more. It's certainly early days yet to form anything definitive. Lets hope it's just a few thats affected. It may also be the network provider itself that may be causing the odd problem.. so that also needs to be diagnostically eliminated.

    As the previous poster stated, simply return it and get it replaced.. but I think I would be trying another 3G Network provider first.
    #3 Lunar, Mar 29, 2012
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    Shouldn't this post be sent to the apple complaint web site where you can actually receive a reply? I see minimal post from Apple in this forum. On the other hand thanks for pointing out a potion tail flaw in my wonderful device I will hold it a little less tightly to my chest tonight.
    It is concerning that we have so many post related to WiFi and cell reception. I hope everyone is addressing this with apple so they can get a quick update out. Till then I will monitor my signal more closely.

    I used to be all thumbs now I'm all gums I love dictating my posts!
  5. AQ_OC

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    Interesting...the first day I activated my the Verizon store...I got good strong 4G...then I went across the street to the mall and could only get 3G. Then for the next day or so I could only get 3G. So I finally decided to drive the another Verizon store..and on the way there I only got 3G...went inside...spoke to them. A lady there turned my cellular off and then back on..then LTE came up. Since then, I've been getting LTE...and at LTE speeds, too (like 7-20Mbps down/up). So when I am out, the iPad is now picking up LTE..then I get home, it gets back on Wifi...when I get to work, it gets back on Wifi. In between, it is on LTE. If I turned LTE off, it would get on 3G.

    I was at the gym today and saw a guy with an iPad3. His was on LTE too.

    I don't experience doesn't seem to be the same as your experience. Not saying you're wrong, but mine is working. So it would seem your warning doesn't apply to me or the guy I saw at the gym today.

    Are you sure it's an Apple problem?

    BTW, the ONLY reason I activated the 3G/4G plan on my iPad was to make sure it was really working (my plan is to keep for for a couple of months and then suspend the plan). I didn't want to just believe my iPad worked fine and then get down the road and find there was some bug. But so far it's been working great! I have no problems going back & forth between LTE and WIFI.
    #5 AQ_OC, Mar 29, 2012
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  6. Texas Holders

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    At first, I read through your entire post and thought, what does any of that have to do with global warming? lol.
  7. AQ_OC

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    Apr 28, 2011
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    In fairness, there is an iPad 3 forum here and this --- at least I assumed -- is an iPad 3 issue. At least, only iPad 3 users get 4G, right? Or, are you claiming this happens it iPad 2 users as well, and this is an iOS 5.1 problem? So it should be happening on all iPads running iOS 5.1? Either way....I'm not seeing this...but I will be looking harder.
  8. MikesTooLz

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    ROFL me too, at first I thought they would try and say something about the iPad heating up causing global warming.
  9. NewForce

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    Mar 26, 2012
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    Both of you really amused me :) But, it's not funny! Lol
    Haha.. I'm just kidding ;)
  10. Lyndon23

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    Mar 10, 2012
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    Since purchasing my new iPad, I have also noticed a significant increase in Global Warming... ...however, 3G seems to be working OK!

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