Is there a quick - easy way to move image files from iMac to iPad?

Discussion in 'iPad 4 Forum' started by DrGrafix, May 5, 2014.

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    I'm rather new to the iPad... thought if I cabled up to my iMac, I could simply treat its raw 64Gig memory like a thumb drive. You know... "Save to... iPad" as a menu option somewhere, and it would either go to a folder or it would ask if you wanted to create a new folder for the selected group of files on the iPad. Seems its more complicated than that LOL. Right now I'm emailing myself "pictures" which may really be photoshop graphics files saved as JPGs.

    Is there an App that recognized that the two devices (iMac & iPad) are ether hard-wired together or "connected" via wifi? I do most of my graphic design on my iMac 24" as its easier to manage, but I'd like to be able to have selected files saved on my iPad so that they are portable and can be called up instantly.
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    Hello & welcome to the forum - iOS is an app-centric operating system and a 'stock' i-Device does not have a file based program like Windows Explorer or Finder in Mac OS X, so just does not work as you expected. Now this topic has been discussed avidly in many threads (my posts are scattered throughout). So for starters, let me just make a few suggestions: 1) Cabled - iTunes cabled can transfer photos from your iMac to the iPad (the process is tricky and you need to know the 'ins & outs'); or 2) Wireless - your already used email; other cloud options can also be explored, such as Dropbox. PhotoSync has been on my iPad 2 for nearly 3 years and has been recently updated - works well; of course, there are other apps.

    Another option is to use a 'wireless' storage device - a number have been discussed in the forum - the one that I own is called AirStash which uses SD cards to store your images (can be from your digital cameras), and establishes a 'personal' Wi-Fi network; an app is installed on your iPad - easy transfer to & from your devices (pic below).

    Finally, depending on your iPad model, AirDrop would be another consideration. Let me stop there and hopefully one or more of these transfer choices will be useful to you. Dave :)

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