Is the iPad the Perfect Traveller’s Companion?

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    “A Year Traveling With the iPad†is a really excellent blog post on Gary Arndt’s EverythingEverywhere blog, which details his incredible round-the-world travels since selling his house and upping sticks back in March 2007. Although this blog post actually comes from back in August, GigaOm just did a heads up on it via their Om Says feature, and I’m really glad they did because it’s an excellent and thoroughly comprehensive examination of the iPad as a traveller's tool, from someone who really should, and does, know what he’s talking about. In the blog, Arndt talks about how he has used the iPad during his travels over the past year, including how he has seen more and more travellers using their iPads, which he says have overtake netbooks in terms of how many of them he sees throughout the world. Arndt has owned both an original iPad and an iPad 2, so he is able to make useful comparisons in terms of travelling with both of them. If you’re thinking about taking your iPad on a trip abroad with you, he really covers all bases, even including buying a special jacket with an internal pocket which is ideal for carrying your iPad and makes it less likely to get stolen. Overall a superb and informative read, and well worth checking out whether or not you’re a traveller. It’s no surprise from reading this that Time Magazine named Arndt’s blog “one of the Top 25 Blogs in the world†in 2010.

    Source: A Year Traveling With the iPad, via GigaOm

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