Is Samsung keeping its position as the main iPad panels supplier for Apple?

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    Industry rumors dating a few months ago proclaimed that the Apple-Samsung relationship was heading for an imminent collapse. Apple was reportedly dead set on severing all connections it had with its arch enemy and was talking to several other suppliers to take up the soon to be vacant job. Yet, as it sometimes happens, things got twisted around, in a spectacular turn of events.

    Recently, Samsung was said to be in the cards for supplying iPad mini Retina Display screens alongside other major Apple partners like LG and Sharp. And this week, a research note coming via NPD DisplaySearch claims that Samsung is not losing ground with its Apple business, but on the contrary, it’s becoming the major supplier.​​

    According to the report from NPD, Samsung has produced and delivered more panels for the fully fledged 9.7-inch model of the iPad 4 in the months of April and June than LG Display. The note reveals that in the first quarter, Apple placed an order with Samsung for 2.3 million panels. Interestingly enough, the Cupertino tech giant almost doubled the order in the second quarter, reaching 4.1 million units.

    As stated above, Samsung has reportedly been contracted to produce the iPad mini 2 panels as well. At least some of them. Until now, LG Display has remained the iPad mini panel top distributor. But with Samsung working itself in, there’s no telling if LG will be able to hold on to its shares. Sharp and AU Optronics are also expected to produce iPad mini panels, Retina display or not, the report said.

    Source: Cnet

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