Is Apple Set to Revolutionise Tablet Pricing With Two New iPads and a $299 iPad 2?

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    Digitimes is today once again talking about the possibility of Apple planning to release two new iPads in 2012. Although its previous story that Apple would be launching two new iPads at iWorld at the end of January was proved to be inaccurate by Jim Dalrymple at The Loop, it was mainly the date and place of launch that he was concerned with, he didn’t really say much about whether or not Apple would indeed be launching two iPads this year, or just the one. With today’s news story, it would seem that Digitimes is sticking to their guns about the possibility of two iPads appearing in 2012, although the site no longer mentions January 26 and iWorld, or indeed any other date or venue for the launch. Today’s story is more concerned with the price point of the two new iPads, and also has new information about the processor. According to Digitimes, both of the new iPads will have A6 processors, with the high-end, more expensively priced version having a high-resolution display of 2048x1536, and the mid-range priced version having the same display as the current iPad 2, of 1024x768. In this way, Digitimes says that Apple will be able to cover all areas of the market, especially if it also cuts the price of the iPad 2 to $299 in a bid to really pull the rug out from underneath its competitors, especially the likes of the Amazon Kindle.

    Source: Digitimes Research: iPad pricing to change tablet game

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