Is Apple Planning to Launch iPad 3 with 2560X1920 Display This Year?

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jun 14, 2011.

By Maura on Jun 14, 2011 at 7:14 AM
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    The rumour that Apple plans to launch the iPad 3 before the end of the year simply refuses to go away. Today MacRumors reports on a story in the Economic Daily News, via Reuters, which, according to the translated version, says that Apple is planning to launch the iPad 3 in Q4 by “shortening the iPad Product life cycle.†The report also says that the iPad 3’s screen resolution will be pushed up to 2560x1920, doubling full HD, which is the maximum that a 9.7-inch display panel could achieve.

    According to the story, the reason for Apple wanting to launch two iPads in the same year is so that it can keep ahead of the completion. Apparently Apple is concerned that many more tablets from rival manufacturers have emerged in 2011, and it wants to stay ahead of the chasing pack by surprising everyone with the launch of a new iPad before the end of the year, while other manufacturers are still busy responding to the iPad 2. Sounds a little far-fetched? Maybe not. As MacRumors notes, back in February, before the iPad 2 had even been released, both DaringFireball and TechCrunch mentioned that Apple wanted to move its iPad release schedule to September, but could not afford to wait until September 2012 to do this, so instead would actually release the iPad 3 in September 2011. But would Apple really want to launch a new iPhone and iPad in the same month?

    Source: iPad 3 Coming This Year With 2560x1920 Resolution Display? - Mac Rumors


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jun 14, 2011.

    1. iforsakenu
      I sure hope not! Either way I'm skipping this generation, if you try to keep up each year you will eventually lose a lot of money. Oh well that's the story of the tech world. I'll opt out double HD resolution or not.
    2. Lizzy and proud
      Lizzy and proud
      I always skip a gen like I have the IPad 1 and skipped the 2nd so now I didn't waste the $500 but I'm still caught up in technology.
    3. iforsakenu
      So you will get the 3? See was it hard not getting the 2 tho? I'm like always wanting to have the latest tech so when the 3 comes will power will b pit to test lol
    4. donka
      I can't see it, especially with the current demand still so high for the iPad 2 - there is just no need for Apple add a new product when the current one is selling so well.
      Also, I would assume the resolution change would be the same as what they did with Retina to make scaling easier for app developers i.e. 2048x1536?
    5. iRuthlessPad
      No it wont be is earning millions with ipad 2 already and if they launch 3 so fast they will loose ipad 2 sales altogether!
    6. info
      It's definitely possible that we see an iPad 3 before year's end (maybe even a new ultra high resolution model at a premium price); however, there were also strong rumors that the iPad 2 would have Retina the last time around. I would tend to agree with the others who think that it's more likely to appear around March.

      I would be happy with a killer iPhone AND an iTouch in September. :)
    7. badut83
      Wow.. Is it true? .. I'm still using ipad 1 by the way.. I think i'm gonna buy ipad 3 ..if it's true..
    8. asphalt
      I agree that Apple should update to IPad3 since iPad2 was nothing special. I am sure it will only be available to consumers in April 2012 or later. But I looking forward to a slickier IPad3 design.
    9. Dav
      I tend to skip a gen always have right from the first iPhone, so i hope they would bring it out then I can get the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 in the same month oh yes please :-D

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