Is Apple Planning an iPad Mini?

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Oct 18, 2011.

By Maura on Oct 18, 2011 at 8:19 PM
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    MacRumors reports today that an old iPad rumour has reared its head once again, that of the 7†“mini†iPad. According to a translated story in Taiwan’s United Daily News, Apple has ordered samples of 7.85-inch screens with the same 1024x768 resolution as the current version of the iPad from AU Optronics and LG Display. According to the report, Apple is planning to launch this new iPad mini early next year. In the past, as MacRumors points out, Steve Jobs had always said that he thought 7 inches was simply too small for a high-quality tablet. However, as the story also points out, it is possible that Apple is once again thinking about releasing a smaller, and presumably cheaper, iPad in order to counteract the threat of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, which is due to launch in November for $199. MacRumors quotes Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White as saying that according to his sources, Apple is definitely thinking about releasing an iPad mini early next year, specifically to challenge the Kindle Fire. However, White says that the word “mini†is referring more to the price than the size of the tablet, and he predicts that Apple will price it at around $200.

    Source: 'iPad Mini' Rumors Revived with Claims of 7.85-Inch Screen - Mac Rumors


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Oct 18, 2011.

    1. Sonicrobby
      What?! Now I'm gonna have to get an ipad3 AND this?! Honestly I'm excited! :D
    2. jsh1120
      Could be. If so, it's clearly the replacement for the iPod Touch, the only product in the Apple family where sales continue to plummet. Down almost 30% in the latest quarter over quarter vs a year ago.
    3. skimonkey
      Really, jsh1120- I had no idea that the iPod touch was not selling well!! How do you know all of these things?? You really keep on top of apple tech news-thanks for the informative tidbit! I have been toying with which device to get my mom-the ipad3 or the kindle fire. I have read the posts-but still a difficult decision!! Now with this confirmation-I will have to rethink my decision!
    4. Kaykaykay
      Apple just announced earnings, so sales figures are readily available.

      Here for example:
      Apple Struggles in 4Q -

      From that link:
      iPods:*Apple sold 6.6 million iPods during the quarter, representing a unit decline of 27.0% from the year-ago quarter. According to MPD data, Apple's share of MP3 players in the U.S. was over 70% in the month of September, and iPod was the highest-selling MP3 player based on the latest data published by GFK. iPod touch sales remained strong, accounting for over 50% of all iPods sold during the quarter.
    5. skimonkey
      Very interesting, thanks KayKayKay!
    6. GoPackGo
      Smart move by Apple, if so. I wouldn't want a smaller tablet personally. I like the iPad's size. But I think smaller cheaper ones would sell well.

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    7. Hayles66
      I'm with Lyndsey. Cheaper ones would sell, impersonally like.mine this size

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    8. Hayles66
      That should read personally. Autocorrect! Gggrrrr

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    9. jsh1120
      That's certainly an odd way to put it. If the sales of my product were declining by 27% from the previous year, I'd think saying that "sales remained strong" is, at best, inaccurate even if they constitute "over 50%" of the reduced sales. :)

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