Is Apple Planning a Super-Retina Device?

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jan 15, 2013.

By Maura on Jan 15, 2013 at 1:50 PM
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    Some very interesting news on iDownload Blog today, with word from jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich, responsible for the likes of BrowserChooser, FullForce and Display Recorder, who has tweeted the following, “kCAContextEnablePixelDoubling and kCAContextEnablePixelQuadrupling constants in QuartzCore suggest a ‘super-retina’ device is in the works?†Currently, Retina display iPads and iPhones use pixel doubling, so pixel quadrupling would be even better than the current Retina displays. However, as iDownload Blog notes, it’s not clear from the tweet whether or not “super-retina†means a bigger Retina display, or a display with a massively high pixel density of, say, 652ppi. Apparently Twitter users are saying that this could be referring to a number of things, such as support for 4k TV resolution, or for Apple TV apps, among other things. Or is it something else entirely? And how much better would you want, or need, your Retina display to be? Is it a case of, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

    [FONT=&amp]Source: [/FONT]?EnablePixelQuadrupling? constant could suggest Apple is working on a ?super Retina? device


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jan 15, 2013.

    1. iJamesH
      Oh great another Apple thing to get :D
    2. mehtarohit
      It will be remarkable point to have Super Ratina display on devices. I like ratina display, having plus points on it will be surely impressive.
    3. s2mikey
      Geesh, the current retina display is pretty darned good. How much better can or does it get on a tablet for resolution? When does the phrase diminishing returns come into play?
    4. Good karma
      Good karma
      i also like the current retina display, i remember how impressed i was with the retina screen when i first saw it on an iPhone 4 when it came out, it certainly was a huge improvement over the iPhone 3g/s screen. now hoping the next Gen. iPad mini get the retina screen, might get that one and sell the iPad 3 i got now. love the size/lightness and portability of the iPad mini
    5. AQ_OC
      I don't see a reason for anymore resolution on an iPad. Retina is enough. Better to devote effort to other things like longer battery life and lighter weight. And, of course, more storage and yet even faster CPU/gpu speeds.
    6. Good karma
      Good karma
      fully agree, also apps needs to be adjusted to take advantage of the super retina. i know 4 times HD tv exists now that are super expensive and no content exists for them now.
    7. AQ_OC
      It's a rumor. I seriously doubt it will happen. I have the retina iPad, the nexus 10 (300ppi), and I had the kindle hd 8.9 (254ppi), and a asus tf700 (~240ish). There is no discernible difference in text on these devices. Anyone else who ups ppi is doing it just for marketing purposes only. It is also a liability too because it forces faster GPUs to be included and it puts extra work on app developers to use the resolution. It has made a mess on the android side already, IMO, since there is no uniform treatment of device resolution or apps. The last thing needed there is yet another resolution. Apple is constrained to 4x pixel increases, which does make it harder to do as far as gpu improvements. It is not going to happen, at least from apple.
    8. s2mikey
      Yes, all of those things come before resolution improvements! Battery life and storage would be the firs two worth attacking. Heck, if they can get those even better or cheaper then the android tablet market would be crushed! ;)
    9. tlbaker
      They gonna keep finding ways to get our money. Their goal is to have us all owning about 10+ iPads each lol.

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