Is Apple facing issues with iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina display panel production?

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    Earlier today we told you that Apple doesn't let users currently preorder the iPad Air and the iPad Mini with Retina display, as the tablets aren't even available in Apple's online stores. What we know is that the successor to the iPad 4 will ship on November 1 in 41 countries, China being for the first time included in the initial roll-out. But when it comes to the iPad mini with Retina display, Apple informed that it will arrive later in the month of November, without giving any specific dates. We have written about this a few days ago, but iPad Mini 2's supply constraints rumors have been circulating since the beginning of this month.

    The iPad Air is getting an earlier release thanks to the fact that Apple managed to solve the supply constraints by hiring an additional panel supplier. But manufacturing Retina display panels for the iPad Mini is something new for the factories that make it, also because Apple is known to be very strict and precise in its instructions. A power-hogging Retina display on a smaller form tablet means a bigger battery needs to be used, and this is the main reason why the iPad Mini 2 is slightly thicker and heavier than the first iPad Mini.

    Apple will probably manage to solve its Retina display panel production bottlenecks and will avoid long waiting times for consumers. But imagine what would've happened if Apple had released the iPad Air or the iPad Mini 2 in gold?
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