iPawn: The next Generation of Board Games

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What iPawn would you buy?

  1. Snakes & Ladders

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  2. Air Hockey

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  3. Fishing Game

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  4. Game of Goose

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    iPawn Hockey L.jpgiPawn Fishing L.jpgiPawn Goose L.jpgiPawn S&L L.jpg

    Jumbo Games has launched a series of interactive game pieces which are designed to enhance the experience of baord games played on the iPad.
    iPawn brings family gaming into the 21st century by combining traditional play with new technology to create iPad games with sophisticated interactive qualities.
    Jumbo will launch the iPawn concept for four family favourites: Snakes & Ladders, Air Hockey, Game of Goose and Fishing Game. Aimed at children aged four + and suitable for two - four players, iPawn includes a free app downloadable application. The iPawns will interact with the game bringing it to life in a way never seen before.
    The iPawn game pieces are suitable for iPad 1 and 2 and can be used with Apple software. In 2012, the games will be avaiable for tablet PCs with the android operating system. The software for the ipawn concept has been co-developed with Fonk Mobile, an Amsterdam based company for mobile applications.

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