iPads to Help NFL Doctors Diagnose Concussions

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    AppleInsider has a fascinating story today detailing how the NFL is planning to use the iPad in a rather unusual way on the field of play. According to the report, the NFL will be giving each team an iPad app that is able to tell if a player has suffered a concussion almost immediately after they have had a head injury. ESPN, which initially reported on the story, said that league officials showed them how the app works at the NFL’s yearly scouting combine this past Friday in Indianapolis. Apparently, the system will be used at the start of the season, and throughout the season, to perform tests on players to find out a baseline score. Then, following a collision, when they need to quickly find out if a player could have a concussion, the doctors will use the app to evaluate the player’s condition, comparing their original baseline score to their current score. If there is seen to be a big difference between the two, then the player will be treated for a concussion. Beats asking them, “how many fingers am I holding up?†I guess! [/FONT]

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    [FONT=&quot]Source:[/FONT] NFL turning to Apple's iPad to diagnose concussions during 2013-14 season

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