iPads Prove to be Popular With Hospitals for Patients and Staff Alike

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    AppleInsider reports today that more and hospitals around the world are installing iPads on the premises for both staff and patient use. Members of the medical profession were early adopters of the iPad right from the get go, of course, with surgeons even using iPads during operations to view medical diagrams and notes, for example, but now, according to a story in The Point of Sale News, hospitals are starting to use iPad in many diverse ways as a means of cutting labour costs and increasing staff efficiency.

    Changi General Hospital in Singapore, for example, has installed iPads in kiosks so that visitors, patients and staff can easily access directions around the building with just a few touches of the screen. Likewise, Methodist Hospital in New York also has iPads mounted in kiosks which are used with EKGs and other diagnostic equipment. Elsewhere, in Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, doctors use iPads to view the most up-to-date information before and during their visit with a patient.

    And, as AppleInsider notes, if the next iPad has a high-resolution Retina Display, or equivalent, as expected, it’s likely that even more doctors and medical staff will be turning to the tablet as a means of displaying medical images in the near future.

    Source: AppleInsider | Hospitals adopting Apple's iPad for patient and visitor kiosks
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    Our health system has been using Ipads for the last 2 years now. So far, it hasn't come down for availability in my level department--but would love to see it happen one day with Electronic Medical Records.

    Thanks for the clip!! :)
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    This is pretty cool because my wife is a nurse and i know first hand that the hospitals staff are using the ipad. My wife said that they are also using this cool sling pack case case called the ibackflip or something. i checked out there website and my wife wants one.

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