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    Hello! I got on the iPad bandwagon with the foundation I work for. I think it's really great we are exploring the use of iPads in education so if anyone has any interesting research to share, please feel welcome to reply to this thread and/or private message me.

    One of my favorite hobbies is dance and Apple gadgets have been unlocking my vision for the ultimate dancer - in a nutshell, u just ain't gonna find a someone dancing around the world with a laptop slapped to his back - but you will most likely find a phone in his pocket! Now whether it's an iPhone is debatable but i have to admit I just love it when I'm taking a breather and take the time to be in touch with my dance community and let them know what's going down :D

    As for other gadgets - an iPhone, dad's iMac, a vintage black macbook, and an original mac mini which i donated to one the kids in Thailand who really sparked the success of a pilot created to have kids experiment with the idea of using dance as a means to bring the community together - it was a fun 4 months and here in LA for ways to repurpose our discoveries.

    thanks y'all for listening and very thankful an iPad-centric community exists! me thinks y'all may need to convince me to carry my iPad while hopping from one dance floor to the next but I'm open ;)

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