Ipad2+iPhone 4S or kindle fire

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions - Site Assistance' started by Kaliarose, Oct 27, 2011.

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    Hi. I'm new to this forum and by way of introduction, am a retired horse rescue operator. I've never been much for gadgets, but I got the iPad 2 16G wi fi a couple of months ago and it's my constant companion. I simply love it! I read, surf and do research. I also have Verizon's personal mi fi that I carry with me everywhere I go. I have never felt the need to own a smartphone of any type and have a simple cellphone. No landline. I don't talk on a phone that much. Now I have a question. I plan to get either the iPhone 4S (my 2-yr contract w/Verizon is up) or Amazon's Kindle Fire, but don't know which. Has anyone else faced this situation?
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    Well, there's not much in your description that would say you should get either one!

    Personally, if you are not into gadgets, but love your iPad, why would you want a fire? The kindle app on the iPad is superb. The fire will be a nice device, but together with an iPad2 it is probably big overkill unless you really love your gadgets.

    And equally, I have the 4S and love it, but I do need it as a phone. If you never call anyone and you take your iPad around with you everywhere, along with the Mifi, the only reason I can see for you getting the iP4S is if there are times when you can't take your iPad with you...

    That's just my 2c, and believe me, it's not often I don't recommend someone buy a new gadget. You just haven't convinced me you really need either one. If you simply MUST go for one, go for the phone, as the fire + iPad2 are going to be too similar... :)

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