iPad2 3G att 64GB won't charge and not detected

Discussion in 'iPad Hacking' started by stonecold, Nov 12, 2011.

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm new to the forums. I don't usually need help but the circumstances I have are finally above my knowledge base, so I figured some great minds on this forum could help me.

    Here is my situation, I'd apperciate if anyone can give me some logical advice on what I can possibly do.
    1. iPad2 3G AT&T 64 GB. Jailbroken on 4.3.3 the day jailbreakme came out.
    2. Problem first noticed on 10/11/2011.
    3. Issue: The ipad2 will only slow charge. It will not display the charging lighting bolt symbol. It will not do the chirp sound when plugged it. Doesn't matter if use Wall adpater or USB charging same behavior. The only way to get it to charge is turn the ipad2 completely off (slide to turn off). When it is off and hooked up to wall adapter it will take many hours (greater than 12 hours) to fully charge up. The bigger issue is the iPad2 will not get detected by the pc when plugged it. Itunes will not detect it at all. The ipad2 once fully charged is stable and works well.
    4. What I think may have cause it? I was installing combo of displayout, resupported, display recorder from cydia around the time of the issue, installed and uninstalled them several times and then later noticed this issue. I believe some of these apps manipulate the dock connector.
    5. Things I have tried so far.
      1. Swapped to another ipad2 wall charger, swapped out cable, tried using a different outlet.
      2. Did hard reset several times.
      3. For the itunes not detecting issue, tried couple different pcs.
      4. Tried putting ipad2 into DFU mode. I goes to DFU mode. Then when hooked to PC, itunes still not detecting. Ditto for recovery mode.
      5. Tiny umbrella, ifunbox etc. don't detect it obviously.
    So based on these symptoms. I was thinking I would consider either of these options.
    1. If there is a way for me to restore the thing or even upgrade it to latest firmware, I'd take that option at this point and lose my jailbreak.
      1. Is there a way to maybe wireless upgrade, i know there was a hack to wirelessly sync?
    2. If there is a way for me to make the device totally jailbreak undectable. I'd take that option and run down to the store for a genius to replace it.
      1. Keep in mind i cannot do a proper wipe of the device. I need some options to get rid of all the traces manually.
      2. If there is a way to brick the device then I may consider that, although last resort.
    Thanks if you can help me

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