ipad1 with Netflix,big screen HDTV,AV cable,and ad hoc Laptop Networks

Discussion in 'iPad 1 Forum' started by robandjeanne, Nov 17, 2012.

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    I was hoping to get an answer before the holidays because a relative is selling their ipad1 fairly cheap. I want to know if there are big issues requiring jailbreaking to get the ipad1 to perform the following tasks.

    I tried Netflix with the
    hdmi apple cable and an ipod touch 4th generation. I might have been having a bad couple computer days (couldn't grt roku to connect to an ad hoc laptop network), but it didn't seem it was going to work. I've since read more about how this should work with a pad1 streaming Netflix. When the AV adapter cable is connected to the ipad1,hdtv, and charger you won't at first see anything on the tv and the ipad screen looks normal showing the Netflix movie list. Then when you select a movie and start playing it the ipad1 screen goes red showing the Netfix logo and the movie appears on the hdtv. Also the charging cable has to be plugged in for this to work, and it will work when the ipad1 is either on wifi or 3g. Is this correct? Does a certain sequence have to be followed like plug the AV cable into nthe ipad1 last?

    As a corollary to this, both my ipt4g and iphone3gs will connect to an ad hoc network I set up with a w7 laptop. This is a huge advantage for me because afaik android devices and kindles will not connect to ad hocs. Unfortunately this says that the quite interesting galaxy tab 7 plus will not connect, although many are trying to make it do so. Anyway the real question is does the ipad1 follow other apple products by being able to connect to ad hoc laptop networks?

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