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Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by JamesM, Dec 26, 2011.

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    Hi All,
    Am a happy little vegemite with my Ipad and now Ipod - bought for my son and wife. Good gear...gettting used for more that I first intended. However, some questions

    Do i really need to get a VPN for both - there is little conversations on this forums over this but more on the www. I intend to use hotspots (my ISP provided ones) when not at home and I have chatted to my ISP about security and they reckon not. Any pro/cons and suggestions here

    Also..I have a WD MBWE NAS - after doing the std s/ware upgardes..the NAS (where my media is stored)..no longer comes up in shared devices..the small circle keeps going around and around ie loading and does not stop. I tried to wind back Itunes OK but the IOS is the killer...I have opend up folders with music / add to library ...seems to be OK. Any comments here??

    With Album art in Itunes/Ipad etc...I have used Media Monkey and others to get the Album art but this does not seem to refresh in Itunes....so do I need to reload the whole lot again..?? I have fouind that some art loaded into itunes and some did not - even tho MM got the lot..I have no idea why. Suggestions welcome

    Many thanks....James M

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