iPad ushers in a new age, for all ages.

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by JohnnyApple, Apr 6, 2010.

By JohnnyApple on Apr 6, 2010 at 7:58 PM
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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pT4EbM7dCMs]YouTube - A 2.5 Year-Old Has A First Encounter with An iPad[/ame]

    The iPad has already been a success by any normal standard as far as technology devices and numbers sold, but Apple isn't happy with just a normal standard. They set the bar high, and they have a way of changing our culture and what we expect in a device.

    What will the future be like for our children down the road? Who can say, but what we can say is that right now our children are already vastly more technologically advanced then we were at the same age.

    This youtube video of an iPhone savvy child's first time using the iPad is an amazing example of how powerful the human species can be... and how quickly we can learn and adapt to a new way of life. Just for reference, the child in this video is only 2.5!

    Watch the video and be as amazed as I am at how quickly the child can pick up how to navigate!


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by JohnnyApple, Apr 6, 2010.

    1. JohnnyApple
      I'm very curious about everyone's opinion on this, so please chime in.
    2. dennis
      That was one of the best iPad demo videos I have seen! Seriously, it will not take long before the world will see the potential of this device for almost any user.

      She seemed to be pretty familiar with the interface (eg. Home button, swiping left and right) so I assume she has been exposed to the iPhone/iPod Touch before.

      Last but not least, she was a cutie! My 5 year old daughter will be jealous she didn't have access to an iPad when she was 2. :D
    3. IpadOne

      This video let clearly see … how great will be the future of the iPad … of course i believe this child have previously use an iPhone or the iPad but is clear iPad have a large space in the child development market

      just imagine the possibilities for learn Alphabet for child 2 years old, easy funny and interactive

      this sound the starting of a new era
    4. jenna
      Computers have long held a lot of potential for learning aids for children, however the Ipad just takes the concept so much further. My 5 year old granddaughter already accesses a lot of apps on her ipod touch and I look forward to seeing her reaction to my Ipad when it arrives, hopefully later this month (I am in Australia as well as wanting one of the 3G models).
      I am not at all surprised by this litlte one's expertise in navigating the Ipad.
    5. henry2
      here is something i going to say out loud and maybe iam wrong or maybe iam right ..but your are going to see add pushing the ipad by for people of all ages groups ..

      one of the add your going to see in the future is the one for the older person who is not tech savy or the middle age man and women who is also not very tech savy as the ipad to them is into the entry world of computers.. with the ipad is simple and basicly fool proof to use and understand it basic working ..you will see this heavy around Xmas time frame of next year buying cycle of the holidays ..
    6. henry2
      she is amazeing with the ipad ..
      today when i was out running around and diff places i stoped to eat at or take a break i would break out the Ipad and play a few games on it here and there with it for i was just relaxeing for i travel in the morning .. ..

      the thing that i notice it was the older people asking me question about the unit and when i would let them use it ,,it was like a light had gone off inside there head and for the first time in there lifes here was something that did not make them scared of a piece of tech and how to make it work . ..the one person said it so easly i can use it and understand the how the unit works without haveing lot of problems ..

      so i think apple has hit this one out of the ballpark with the ipad ..
    7. kravdog
      I can see it now....they need to get Rod to do an ad! If you watched celeb apprentice, you would agree!
    8. gentlefury
      This is a perfect example of the os that people don't understand. It is so simple to operate! If a 2 year old can figure it out so can anyone...I am tech savvy. I have built computers and run networks, I love my mac because it is so user friendly....windows losses on all points there...it is so complicated and has so many menus and options it should only be used by a network admin. Believe it or not the ultimate goal for the iPad os is to replace OSX in consumer mac computers. Mac books will be replaced by ipads, iMac will have the iPad os on it, and only pro comps will have osx.
    9. Dorje
      Actually what would be better is not iPhoneOS on a Mac but an iPhone like simple Mac mode. There is under parental controls a way to use a simple OS but it is frustrating and difficult. I could see an iMac with a full touch screen and running OSX, but having two modes.

      The structure wouldn't be all that hard to follow. The Users Home directory becomes the only directory Apps are allowed to. An Applications folder is creates (FYI you can make one yourself already) stores Apps bought through an expanded AppStore and/or supports the machines admin in placing alias files to programs in the main Applications folder. Folders and files are placed by the OS and not under general user control.

      Any computer over 1000 USD and that has a non-mobile (x86 not ARM) processor should have a full fiction OS backing it.

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