iPad trade-in volumes are skyrocketing ahead of October 22 event

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    You’ve probably heard about Gazelle, nation’s largest electronics buy-back service. According to its recent data, current iPad owners are flocking to Gazelle in order to sell their gadgets, getting ready for the iPad 5 release. Compared to the last week, there has been a whopping 321% increase in iPad trade-ins. The company shared on its website the following:

    One of the reasons why Gazelle is so popular is perhaps the good prices they are offering consumers. For example, you will get for a 16-gigabyte Wi-Fi iPad mini around $175, which is about half the price the new model is expected to have - $329. One might obtain a better deal through such service as eBay but it would definitely take up much more time.

    The amount of money you get obviously depends on the condition of your iPad, which can be “brokenâ€, “goodâ€, or “flawlessâ€. What about you, have you ever used a buy-back service?

    Source: AppleInsider

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