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Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by mslammers, Jan 28, 2011.

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    I plan to get an iPad 2 and give my iPad to my son-in-law/grandchildren [3]. My plan is to give them the free apps [show them how to get them] and transfer my photography apps to my new iPad2. Is this doable? What would be the procedure [assuming that the iPad apps will run on the iPad2].

    Planning ahead.:D

    Thanks in advance.
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    To get your old iPad apps on the new iPad 2, you will pair it and sync with the iTunes. That's it.

    Do a full sync with your old iPad first, then go to the Application list in iTunes and select update all there also. Connect your new iPad and let iTunes do it's thing. You might have to go back and tweak the sync settings to get exactly what you want on the new device, but since it is all on iTunes you'll get it the way you want eventually.

    Just wait until you've got the new one set up and are sure you lost nothing before before you ship it to the kids.

    You'll want to reset it before you do that. If you give it to them with the free apps installed and all, it will still be on your iTunes account. Make your son-in-law get his own. For the free apps, include the list of things you think they will like on a card. Or help them set it up. Or when their iTunes account is set up use the Gift it feature in iTunes (not sure that works with free apps, but maybe).

    Apple is pretty good about maintaining forward compatibility over one or two generations. While you might find a couple apps break, the majority should be fine. The major developers will have fixes out soon after release, if not before.
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    What you would want to do is to log on with your account on your grandchildren iTunes version, so that they can have your apps as well.

    I do this with my parents as well. Their iTunes is activated with their own as well as my iTunes account, thus their iPod touch is running mine as well as my parents apps just fine.

    The only problem comes with updating, your grandchildren can only update apps which are linked to your account if they have your account password.

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