iPad Stocks Running Out and Prices Slashed Heralds the Imminent Arrival of iPad 2

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    9to5 Mac reports today on a couple of iPad developments in the UK and Europe that most likely means an iPad 2 announcement is on the way sharpish. As 9to5 Mac says, when stocks of an Apple product start to dwindle, and prices get slashed, it’s a tell-tale sign that the next version of said product is on the way, as Apple and its partner retailers want to move as much of the old stock as possible before they get stuck with it with everyone wanting the new goodies.

    According to 9to Mac, Carphone Warehouse in the UK has sold out of the 64 GB Wi-Fi-only iPads, and all of the 3G versions are sold out at the same retailer. Elsewhere in Europe, iPad carriers Orange and T-Mobile have cut the cost of their iPad 3G packages in half to £99.99 for customers who sign up for 2-year contracts.

    Apparently the sold-out situation has also spread beyond Europe to Canada, where 9to5 Mac reports some Future Shop locations are now experiencing iPad shortages. Get ready for that announcement soon!

    Source: iPad 2 incoming: iPad sold out/on sale at some European retailers | 9 to 5 Mac iPad 2 incoming: iPad sold out/on sale at some European retailers | Apple Intelligence

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