iPad shipments have seriously dropped in January 2013

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    The iPad has been one of the most successful gadgets in history, breaking record after record with its massive sales numbers. But as things work in the tech world, the tide shifting in a matter of seconds is no surprise. Even for Apple.

    A new report and a creative data analysis coming from NPD showcases some surprising news. iPad shipments have apparently been dropping like flies in the first month of 2013. According to the information, full-fledged iPad shipments have literally disappeared off the map, dropping under the line with as much as 80%, compared to the last month of 2012. In the enemy camp, Android tablets have experienced increase in sales.

    Tech-Thought analyst Sameer Sing wrote:

    “Unless Apple has a new full-size iPad on the way with a 10.1″ display, this strongly hints at a collapse in sales because of cannibalization from the iPad mini.â€

    NPD reports that 9.7-inch display iPad shipments have fallen from a steady 7.4 million in December of 2012 to a minuscule 1.3 million in January. Android, however, managed to hold a steady grip on the market.

    The iPad might be still very popular in countries like the United States, but in world-wide terms, Android snatched the number one spot in tablet marketshare in six out of eight quarters.

    However, there might be a reason to this downfall experienced in the iPad sector. One theory states that Apple is on its way to redesigning the whole iPad concept and maybe even planning a different screen size in order to compete with Android.

    Source: VentureBeat



Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Mar 5, 2013.

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