iPad problem after restoring, now its a blank screen! HELP!!

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by picsbyjeanna, Feb 1, 2011.

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    Feb 1, 2011
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    After trying to put iTunes on a new iPad, we had issues that the iPad would not load iTunes as it was an older version. Tried to load the newest version of iTunes, but incountered a problem with iPad asking to restore to factory settings. In doing so, and updating the iTunes to current version, the iPad is now a blank screen. Tried to reboot several times as service desk said to hold down both the power button and round button until apple appears, then to let go of the power button and continue holding down the round button, but only to have the blank screen appear again and eventually turn off to a black screen.
    Please advise as to how to restore iPad back and get iTunes to load back on the iPad.

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    Jan 3, 2011
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    Just trying to understand your problem and the events leading up to it a little better. If I'm reading your email correctly:-

    (1) You had a new iPad.
    (2) You tried to sync it to your PC or Mac
    (3) You (accidentally) tried to use a version of iTunes that was older than Version 10.1
    (4) You realised your mistake and upgraded iTunes on your PC or Mac to Version 10.1
    (5) When you connected your iPad to your PC or Mac it suggested a system restore.
    (6) You accepted that option.
    (7) After the operation completed you disconnected your iPad and turned it on.
    (8) Nothing happens/there is a blank screen.

    Perhaps you could edit/correct my understanding? I'm sure that one of the Forum members will be able to help you through this. For the moment, don't panic. You can't really 'damage' an iPad in the conventional sense of the word by this sort of thing, you're simply in the middle of a maze trying to find your way out. There *is* an exit, the problem is finding it and I'm sure the ever-helpful Forum members will help you through.


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