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Discussion in 'iPad Carriers' started by Diane B, Jun 8, 2016.

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    I haven't set up my cell plan for my ipad pro yet and am leaning to the T Mobile 5 GB/5 months for $10/mo. I have considered just tethering it to my Iphone which is Verizon. I bought the Ipad with the Apple SIM so I could change carriers and have a choice and the TMobile plan is half the price of my previous Verizon plan(bought on IPad). With the Verizon plan I could roll the plan if I ran out of data--since I plan to use the data when I travel, not sure if 5 GB will be sufficient for 5 months or not--but can't find a thing about renewing, rolling, etc. Thought I would try here (before calling TMobile) for actual users of the plan. The TMobile coverage seems sufficient for where I will need it (and I can always tether on Verizon phone) so I am very inclined to choose this plan. Most of the time the Ipad Pro (12.9") will be on wifi but there will be travel times I won't have wifi.

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