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Discussion in 'iPad Pro Forum' started by Friendly, Jan 12, 2016.

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    hey all, looking for a messenger bag in portrait orientation...vertical, not horizontal in landscape that is the 'usual'. it needs to have several pockets though as I wish to carry both my iPad Pro and my Surface Pro 4 (won't it be cool the day they make an OSX tablet that can dual boot Windows...or other OS?).

    I swear I saw what I wanted on Incipio's website, but when I went back a few days later to find out more and where to buy, it was gone. so either it's a dif brand or they pulled it during that time. I've scoured the web without success trying to find that one bag as it fit an Ultrabook, a tablet and had a spot for your phone.

    any suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated!

    I'm happy as a clam that Moshi just released a VersaCover for the iPad Pro. love that cover!!! however, it doesn't have a spot to store the stylus. if you know of any cases that come with a stylus slot, please let me know. :)
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    Try REMORA, it's a stylus holder that's held on by magnets in the Apple or Apple like covers, it's a tad bit short for the Apple Pencil, but works just fine, a version is in the works called the Remora Pro.

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