iPad Owners are “Selfish Elites†and their critics are “Independent Geeksâ€

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By Maura on Jul 26, 2010 at 6:18 PM
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    Wired gives the heads-up on a fascinating survey on MyType Blog that looks at the personality types of iPad owners and their critics, coming to the conclusion that the whole pro- and anti- iPad debate can be summed up as a clash of very different personalities.

    Between March and May 2010, MyType questioned over 20,000 people about the iPad, with the aim of discovering if they had any particular character traits depending on their opinion. You can read all the details in depth on the MyType blog, but to cut a long story short, MyType said that it found that iPad owners are “selfish elites†meaning that people that are interested in business and finance are more likely to be iPad owners than people interested in entertainment and leisure activities such as watching movies, playing video games or shopping, for example. “iPad owners are an elite bunchâ€, says MyType - they are wealthy, highly educated and sophisticated, and they think more highly of power and achievement than other people do. That’s the good news! On the down side, MyType says that iPad owners tend to be selfish, with low kindness and altruism scores.

    As for the iPad critics, MyType says that they tend to be “independent geeks†who value self-determination and abhor conformity, and are big consumers of video games, computers, electronics, science and the internet. MyType says that one of the strongest indicators of the iPad critic is being a big Linux fan in preference to Windows or Macintosh. MyType goes on to say that iPad critics are usually young men with no kids and no particular interest in family.

    To find out much more about these two groups and why they feel as they do, check out the MyType Blog. It makes a fascinating read, whether or not you agree with the findings.

    Source: MyType Blog via Wired


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jul 26, 2010.

    1. iVan
      Well, in my case they're wrong about everything but the fact that I'm an anti conformist.
    2. Bremen
      Their finding about the "anti-iPad" crowd are pretty right on from my experience. Mostly young single men, geeky...etc. Seem to be lost souls looking for something to believe in, and people they can feel superior to....

      Their findings about iPad owners I see a little of, but perhaps because of the circles I'm in (musicians, religious, poor/working class....) I see most iPad owners as being the opposite of what they say.....

      Having said the above, I really don't like the incessant need in our culture to label and divide people. It seems the culture is dividing into thousands of sub-groups that are pitted against each other.... so much stereotyping, and so much hate..... There are over 3 million iPads out in the wild, and I dare say there are 3 million unique and interesting users... :)

      Okay, enough of my soap box!
    3. Seadog
      I have some young adult nephews with great disdain for the iPad, and Apple. They claim to be computer savants. Yet, when they screwed up their Grandfather's computer, they could not even restore his background screen. That which took me two seconds to restore.
    4. Prasius
      What a load of junk!

      Now.... Where is that stupid little poor HTC user... They haven't poured my goats milk bath yet so I can consider my next multiple-billion pound international takeover...

    5. DavidNM
      Who really cares???
    6. henry2
      i find people who are three types of the socalled groups of the apple computer and ipad user groups. .. the first group is the brand new apple product user and the second group is the socalled computer greeks types.. but i do have a third group of users .. the ones who want the product to work and not have a lot of problems with the working of the items that they buy ..
    7. cmalinowski
      Depends on whether the goats milk gets to an uncomfortable temperature :)
    8. Jake18oly
      When I first heard about the iPad I had some of those same feelings about who would use it. It seemed like a product that was completely unnecessary and I couldn't ever see myself using one. I am in sales and As time went on I realized how I could use an ipad as a sales tool. I looked into it a bit further and decided to take the leap. I have been very thrilled with my experience.

      Most of my friends and I are android users and they gave me a hard time about buying an iPad. That was until I showed them what it could do. After about 10 minutes I had them all convinced that it was an incredible product that filled a need no one really knew existed. Many of the people I have showed the device to are wanting one themselves. I think that is the secret behind the iPad. There is a lot of word of mouth buzz by satisfied customers that will take this thing to the top of the tablet market.
    9. iVan
      Their research is somewhat puzzling. If you take a look at this poll made on this site, you tend to get a different result.
      Okay, it's only from 240 voters but it is quite telling.

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