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    I expect that support for most of the USB will be available on iOS 13 compatible iPads; however Apple is unlikely to provide hardware. You’ll be dependent on third party manufacturers for that. In most cases, a Lightning to USB hub should work. I doubt that anyone is going to make a multi-port Lightning hub.

    Mouse support is an accessibility feature. What this means is the mouse becomes a way to control a virtual finger in the touch environment. It will not work the same as the mouse you are used to. That’s not to say some people won’t find it useful, just that you should not expect to be able to select and move text, files, etc. differently just because there is a mouse. You’ll have the same gestures.
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    Feb 14, 2019
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    Thanks for the feedback.Mostly just curious. I really sort of don’t want a mouse, or keyboard right now as I type faster on the virtual keyboard than an actual one, and the touch interface appeals to me. I do sort of want a lightning to USB adapter though. I don’t mind third Party hardware. I got a neat cable to charge my Apple Pencil from a USB without needing the easily lost adapter. I sometimes just use my power bank for that when on the road.
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    The mouse feature on the new OS isn't very good as it is not a pointer and has no right-click functions. The keyboard, however, works great!
    My favorite functions have to be two instances of the same on split-screen and the ability to just grab and throw pictures and files between them. In the future, I hope they will have a tri-screen option of more PnP support.
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