Ipad not recognized by computer, and stuck on "connect to itunes" sumbol

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by gabbs, Jul 20, 2011.

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    Jul 20, 2011
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    I was upgrading the ipad to the newest version while connected to itunes in my pc. When it ended downloading after about an hour or more, there appeared some warnings that the upgrade could not be made, some error. I disconnected after some attempts.
    Now.....the ipad is stuck on the "connnect to ipad" logo; doest turn on, does nothing. I tried everything I read so far: re installing itunes in the computer, the full-turn off and then connect..I connected other devices to my computer, as my ipod, it works fine. Itunes is working fine on the computer, the ipod syncs perfectly. Everything works fine with the computer and itunes, is just the ipad.

    When I connect anything to the computer through thre USB, I hear the "cling" noise the computer makes when you connect any device; when I connect the Ipad it makes kind of a double-cling, as if theres an error recognizing it. And it doesnt, it doesnt appear in "mY computer" and neither in "itunes".

    HELP! Is there any way to restore the ipad? or to fix the PC so it sees it?

    Thanks for any help..Im going crazy. I live out of the U.S. and in here probably the tech support in the stores know less than me, so I rely on what I can find out in this forums, and the store as a last resort...
    I guess it got corrupted after a failed upgrade.

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