iPad Mini Will be Launched in October

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 25, 2012.

By Maura on Aug 25, 2012 at 1:10 PM
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    All Things D’s John Paczkowski has today reported that Apple will be holding a special event purely to announced the iPad mini, which will most likely take place sometime in October. As seasoned Apple watchers will know, Paczkowski is an extremely accurate and well-connected source, and the fact that he uses the word “Confirmed†in his story means that you can pretty much bank on it that it is indeed a confirmed story. Paczkowski says that the iPad mini will have a display that is under eight inches, and will be launched separately, a few weeks after the launch of the next iPhone, which will take place on September 12. This confirmation follows on from yesterday’s story from Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, in which he said that it made sound sense for Apple to release two major products separately, giving each the due attention and hoopla it deserves, and as Paczkowski now says, “As it turns out, sources said, it more than makes sense - it’s so.â€

    Source: https://allthingsd.com/20120825/con...n-october-after-latest-iphones-september-bow/


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 25, 2012.

    1. uzumlubay
      It might make sense if Apple were the only player at this time but now the iPad mini launch will be at the same time as Microsofts launch for Windows 8/RT and all the accompanying tablets.

      Would have been much better to have launched September to get all the computer magazines & reviews to themselves for a month. Now they risk being just one of many at this time and possibly not the major one.
    2. Kaykaykay
      It's true that there will be competing devices being debuted, but Apple has nothing to worry about as far as securing overage.
    3. ethansamuel17
      We'vebeen hearing a lot about a rumored 7-inch iPad this year, but thechatter has become particularly strong in recent weeks. This weekend,All Things D reported that it has "confirmed" an Octoberrelease for the so-called "iPad Mini" with "severalsources." The smaller iPad would be announced under a separatemedia event to follow one in September where a new iPhone will debut,according to the report.

      SteveJobs famously once blasted the notion of tablet smaller than the10-inch iPad, but with Tim Cook at the helm of Apple for over a yearnow and competition heating up from the likes of Amazon's 7-inchKindle Fire and Google's Nexus 7, it seems the company hasreconsidered the potential for a smaller slate.
    4. Hasty
      Think of the number of iPads in education.
      Smaller, lighter and cheaper for smaller fingers and tighter budgets. Really sew up the market and create future fanbois/gals.

      Like the iPod. Get the basics and infrastructure right, then diversify the range.
    5. Kaykaykay
      Steve Jobs was pondering a 7-inch iPad, email shows - Los Angeles Times

      Apparently, Steve Jobs was able to change his mind when it looked worthwhile to change it.
    6. SuperNU
      Cool! interesting
    7. AQ_OC
      Yes, once he got wind of the addition billions that were possible!

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