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Discussion in 'iPad FAQ' started by Graham Thomas, Jan 11, 2015.

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    Red figure amounts of Unread emails showing in my Mailboxes . They do not exists as all
    my emails are deleted upon reading and finished with . I have read several responses to similar problems . The one that eludes/baffles me is when instructed to go into Unread box , click on edit (, which appears in grey) and Bob is vertually your Uncle , as the saying goes . Grey or shaded parts are not alive so it does not matter
    what you do , as it cannot go any further . I may be oldish (77) but I am not dumb . I have read that even Apple Help are unable to assist with this problem . Perhaps there may be wiser heads on here . I'm hoping .
    Thanking you in anticipation . Graham .
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    Jan 8, 2011
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    Sometimes unread emails sneak into the Trash or other folders. By tapping the Mailbox button at the top list you can see where the culprit is hiding There will be a number beside any inbox, account, or folder that contains unread emails.

    This is the most common cause of unread badges that won't go away.

    The ultimate way to get rid of email problems is to delete the account on the iPad and add it again. It works well if you have an IMAP or Exchange account (iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and many others). If you have an email account from your ISP it may be a POP3 account. These can be trickier, as they might forget what you have and have not read, loading a lot of unwanted email back into the inbox. It can be fixed, but it's a pain.
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    Dec 3, 2011
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    Sometimes an email can get time stamped with the wrong date. I had the unread email badge in my Yahoo email account and it wouldn't go away until I finally discovered an old email with a date on it that was from the 1980’s, 20 years before I opened my email account. I have no idea how it happened, but that was the cause of the problem in my email account.

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