iPad Mini rumors are haunting everybody’s dreams

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by wicked, Nov 16, 2011.

By wicked on Nov 16, 2011 at 1:25 PM
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    Today we have more gossip. Taiwan’s United Daily News is reportedly claiming that Apple is looking at samples of 7.85-inch screens that sport a 1024x768 resolutions for the iPad. The report goes on to say that there are already companies negotiating production of displays like LG. What could this mean? Of course if this project comes to see the light of day, it won’t be just another iPad out there, we’re certainly going to be seeing the Mini iPad, and every website has been talking about. Although, Steve Jobs himself in one of his last conferences made it clear that he thought about the 10-inch screen as a minimum requirement for a decent iPad. So what’s it going to be then?

    A tough problem in this quest would probably be designing a considerable smaller screen that would be able to use the same resolution as the current iPad. Why would they need to use the same resolution? Well for starters, apps could run natively on the iPad Mini without any extra interference. Shrinking down the elements of the interface might also bring problems, since it would automatically make the iPad not so easy to handle and use. People with big fingers would be really annoyed.

    iPad Mini rumors are not fresh and ripe, but at least this time they seem to come from genuine supply chain leaks, whereas the other information came from market analysts. Analysts aren’t necessarily experts in Apple vision and are better at predicting numbers and figures. It doesn’t mean they couldn’t get lucky this time.

    I mean, what better way to counter the Amazon’s latest bold moves and its extreme all time success, Kindle Fire? It’s impossible not to ask: could an iPad Mini be priced lower or approximately the same as a Kindle? That would certainly motivate costumers on the lookout for a good tablet, but on the budget. We probably shall know soon enough…

    by Radu Tyrsina via The iPad Guide


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by wicked, Nov 16, 2011.

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    1. jsh1120
      Simple. It's an iPod "SuperTouch." Revives the dying iPod Touch product line and fills a niche Apple probably doesn't want to see go to its competitors. And calling it an iPod rather than an iPad means Steve won't be as likely to roll over.
    2. twerppoet
      Apple prototypes things all the time, even ones they don't expect to make it to market.

      I'm in 'I'll believe it when I see it' denial mode. Just look how many people were certain about the new iPhone 5 design. Rumors based on some parts shipped to Apple are nothing but rampant speculation turned profitable (from a site hit perspective).
    3. iLloyd
      iPad Nano = iPod Touch :S
    4. tlbaker
      It's too small. I like what I have.

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    5. Valkrider
      I would certainly like to see it. I find the iPad2 just a bit too big for regular reading my 7" Android tablet is better as a reader as it is that bit smaller.
    6. HKWrite12
      What's lower? 198? If an apple iPad mini surfaces, it's still worth more than the kindle. I can foresee 299 minimum, and people shell out hundreds + tax for headphones- an accessory. This is apple were talking about. If they ever made stereo headphones, they'd b the ones rappers were buying too. As I digress, I don't believe a mini will surface, but if it should, it would be awesome, and I might be in line.

      As far as big fingers, if you can use an iPhone, you can use any apple touch product. I have always had very large hands. Broke standard crayons as a child. But I text 90 mph!!!
    7. Ncaissie
      I was thinking the same thing.
    8. Amy Rose The Hedgehog
      Amy Rose The Hedgehog
      My friend wont stop talking about ipad minis DX
    9. Mickey330
      Speculation thread closed as it's been overcome by current events.

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